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Additional information

A passion for cars

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One thing is certain about the FAHRENGOLD team: We're passionate about good automotive design. Whether it's new models or vintage classics, sports cars or hypercars – we love cars, and we've found a way to turn our hobby into a profession. First and foremost, a FAHRENGOLD gives you an expert, reliable way to store and present your loved car. With so much configurability available for cars on today's markets, we offer a comparable degree of customizability for garages. As a customer, you can choose between different colors, configuration levels and technical features. Each FAHRENGOLD is a unique creation.


Aesthetics meets pragmatics

Garage design redesigned

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The FAHRENGOLD concept redefines aesthetics and functionality to break new ground in the field of car garages. The design follows technical and architectural principles of proportion and construction down to the last detail.

In the end, you get a garage that's as much a design object as the house beside it and the car inside it. Whether a vintage classic, a modern gas/diesel-fueled vehicle or an electric car, FAHRENGOLD designs the perfect space for every automobile.

With our garages, you can fully customize the look and the features. Perfect for car and design connoisseurs and 100% "Made in Germany"


We're happy to help.

Construction specifications

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Our garages are modular. This enables us to guarantee fast and highly flexible assembly. The individual elements are prefabricated, delivered and then installed on-site. The lightweight supporting structure consists of extra-hardened special profiles made of highly durable aluminum. We don't use any concrete or brick. Wall and ceiling elements are additionally provided with mineral fiber insulation. Almost all elements are fully recyclable. The anodized, powder-coated aluminum provides protection against corrosion.

Facade, glass and door

The oversized glass elements feature a multi-layer design that makes them shatter-resistant and burglar-proof. All external facades are rear-ventilated and cladded with a suspension structure that has no visible fasteners. This makes it easy to replace the exterior elements. The oversized exterior doors have special invisible heavy-duty hinges that move silently.


The interior cladding is also made completely of metal. The ceiling lighting is milled into the metal plates and equipped with specially designed LEDs that feature a minimum installation height. The roof is made of durable, maintenance-free aluminum. Drainage is invisibly integrated into the structure. All handles and fasteners are made of acid-resistant stainless steel alloys. The flooring in the middle of the garage is provided with a highly abrasion-resistant "Supergrip" coating. The edge strips have a smooth appearance and can also be driven/parked on.